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5 Good Reasons To have your Weddings in the Southern Highlands NSW

December 13,2016 Daniel Dickson

Your wedding is that time in your life when all that you dreamt of can be realized. If you have dreamt of a wedding set against a backdrop of a vintage, historic and scenic beauty, the Southern Highlands in NSW could be the best place to begin looking for venues. For couples looking to make a memorable commitment, the picturesque town of Bowral presents a perfect place to host your fairy tale wedding. By selecting… Read More

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The Family Getaway For The 50th Or 60th Birthday

November 12,2016 Daniel Dickson

Your 60th birthday brings with it a lot of reasons to celebrate. You can officially close some of the chapters of your life and start a new phase of your life. To mark this milestone and make it memorable, you can plan a special family getaway to some place to relax, unwind and have a great time with your loved ones. To truly enjoy the bliss of turning sixty, make sure that you select a… Read More

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Enjoy Your Holiday By Staying In Dixieland Estate And Experience Your Best

July 05,2016 Daniel Dickson

If you are looking for a break from the boring routine to relax and unwind, look for something that is refreshing and provides you with a delightful experience! Plan your next weekend destination carefully. Because destinations matter too! A picturesque property with scenic beauty coupled with a placid countryside – sounds like a perfect weekend getaway? That’s Dixieland for you! Located in the historic Berrima of NSW, Dixieland is a massive 27-acre property that promises you… Read More

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Ten Ways to Make Your Holiday Memorable

May 11,2016 Daniel Dickson

Working tirelessly throughout the week warrants a little break every now and then. And what better way to unwind from all the stress than to head on a holiday with family and friends! While taking a day off of work works as well, the temptation to check in on your mails is always present at the back of your mind. The bothersome calls from your colleagues asking for help every now and then is another… Read More