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The Family Getaway For The 50th Or 60th Birthday

The Family Getaway For The 50th Or 60th Birthday

November 12,2016 Daniel Dickson 0 comments

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Your 60th birthday brings with it a lot of reasons to celebrate. You can officially close some of the chapters of your life and start a new phase of your life. To mark this milestone and make it memorable, you can plan a special family getaway to some place to relax, unwind and have a great time with your loved ones. To truly enjoy the bliss of turning sixty, make sure that you select a destination that you and your family will love equally. If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaways NSW, you can check out the nearby places of historic significance and serene beauty where you can create memories to cherish for-ever.

One such place to check out for your sixtieth birthday celebrations is Bowral. It is the largest town in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This town is nestled at the base of Mount Gibraltar and is known for its picturesque landscapes and stunning gardens that are live with tulips in the springtime, fragrant roses in summer and flowering bulbs in the autumn. This town has always been a fashionable holiday destination for most of them from Sydney looking for quick getaways. Apart from this, Bowral is known for its grand old estates and the delightful shopping experiences. You can shop for antiques, home ware, art, jewellery or crafts and everything that’s classic in the local market.

Well, at 50 or 60, you definitely deserve a vacation that is unique and does not have the usual hustle-bustle of a crowded tourist place. It’s time you experienced the leisurely pursuits, history and heritage and welcoming accommodations in Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Berrima and other nearby towns in the Southern Highlands have to offer. These towns have a classic charm and are truly a time traveller’s dream come true. The colonial town of Berrima nearby has a courthouse that was built in the 1830s and a number of artefacts that remind you of an era bygone, neatly displayed in a museum.

Dixieland Estate – a perfect getaway for your 60th birthday

Once in the Southern Highlands, you’ll love the beauty, adventure and romance that fill the air. It’s colourful, dreamy and almost like you are in a fantasy world. Well, accommodations in this area are simply perfect for all occasions. If you are in NSW for a vacation, the Dixieland Estate could be the best accommodation in Bowral to stay in.

Besides nature, there are a number of things that are beautiful about this place. It has the most wonderful vineyards and is a perfect place for a quick getaway from the daily routines. With the backdrop of sunny skies and the greenery of nature surrounding you, it’s like experiencing a slice of heaven. You can wander around enjoying it and share the peace and tranquillity that only a private property can provide. Set in a delightful Australian countryside, this 27 acre picturesque property has a relaxing comfort of its own. It has a pond with ducks and miles of hiking and biking trails.

Our holiday letting has everything that could make your 50th or 60th Birthday simply special. Whether you plan a small party or invite a large number of family and friends, the Dixieland Estate offers you with the most luxurious accommodation for your party. So, step gracefully into the wonder years of carefree living and retire into a peaceful living and couple them with fun filled parties with your grandchildren!

Only a few hours away from prime locations such as Sidney, we invite you to enjoy the fresh country air and the charming backdrop of beauty and bliss.